REACH/RoHS Compliant Fasteners

Airfasco has taken the initiative to manufacture a clean REACH/RoHS compliant line of AN bolts. This new plating has the silver appearance of original vintage, classic AN bolts and is requested for antique aircraft restorations. AMS2461 (LHE Zn-Ni) exceeds QQ-P-416 cadmium plating requirements and is REACH/RoHS compliant.

Low Hydrogen Embrittlement (LHE) Znic-Nickel (Zn-Ni) Plated Fasteners

Independent research has found that LHE Zn-Ni coated fasteners have a number of improvements over conventional cadmium plated fasteners. These include:

  • Better mechanical and corrosion performance
  • Better maximum run-on and breakaway torque
  • Reduced galling
  • Resistance to hydrogen embrittlement
  • Additionally, established fastener torque values do not need to be changed compared to cadmium fasteners, making LHE Zn-Ni fasteners a suitable drop-in replacement.

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