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A Global Manufacturer of AN-MS-NAS-NASM Fasteners

Airfasco is a manufacturer of OEM specials to print and AN Bolts under NASM. Over the years Airfasco has expanded and now manufactures NAS, MS and NASM fasteners including pins, screws, washers and nuts. Additionally Airfasco is an extremely flexible company possessing the capability to provide custom manufacturing services to meet any fastener requirement. Airfasco also offers a line of FAA-PMA products including oil filters. Airfasco is ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100:2016 certified as well as being DFARS compliant.

Our AN Product Line

Airfasco Manufacturers AN3 thru AN20 aircraft bolts bolts ranging in thread size from 10-32 UNF-3A to 1-1/4-12 UNF-3A. Each thread size is available in over 60 different lengths, ranging from just under 1/2" to over 8" . Airfasco manufacturers cadmium plated AN bolts on a daily basis. Airfasco also stocks and manufacturers AN bolts made of stainless steel. We also have an in house drill shop that allows for rapid processing of drilled AN product, such as the ones shown below.

Airfasco is also capable of manufacturing AN screws. We produce a line of AN525 washer head screws that are made of alloy steel and are cadmium plated. These can be slotted or have a Phillips head. We can also supply AN507, AN515, AN520, AN526, AN530, AN531 screws for older aircraft.

AN Bolts
AN screws
AN drilled bolts

Airfasco also manufacturers and stocks AN173 through AN180 close tolerance aircraft bolts. These are of the same size as AN3 thru AN10 aircraft bolts, only marked with a triangle to denote their close tolerance. They are available in steel-alloy or stainless steel. Airfasco is capable of manufacturing AN181 thru AN186 aircraft bolts for special orders.

We also manufacturer AN42 thru AN49 aerospace eye bolts. These range in thread size from 10-32 UNF-3A to 9/16-18 UNF-3A. Airfasco has an extensive inventory of AN42B and AN43B eyebolts with the option for corrosion resistant steel.

Finally, Airfasco manufacturers a line of aerospace clevis bolts (AN21 thru AN37). We primarily stock AN23 thru AN26 clevis bolts.


Airfasco also carries a product line of AN nuts and washers. We stock:

We Manufacturer a wide range of washers, and can be made to any size.

AN nuts
AN washers

Our MS Product Line

Airfasco stocks a wide variety of MS nuts including:

We manufacturer and stock a wide variety of plate nuts:

MS Nuts
MS plate nuts

Airfasco carries a variety of MS90725 thru MS90728 Hexagon Head Cap Screws.

Airfasco stocks and manufacturers MS20392 Pins. We primarily manufacturer steel alloy cadmium plated pins ranging from .125" to 1.000" in diameter. We also manufacturer speciality orders made of PH13-8Mo stainless or 8740 alloy steel. Finally Airfasco stocks and manufactures a line of zinc plated pins, under the 12387350 part number (which are dimensionally the same as MS20392 pins).

Airfasco stocks a line of MS24665 cotter pins in a variety of sizes and materials.

MS bolts
MS Pins
ms24665 hair pins

We offer the following line of MS screws:

MS screws

Our NAS Product Line

Airfasco manufacturers a wide variety of NAS bolts for special order. These can be had with very attractive lead times:

NAS bolts
NAS bolts
NAS star bolts